Kieran Storm and Tristan Sky's journey through the spiral. See how far they've already come, and how much farther they will go.


For now..

this post will not contain any pictures. We've been screening, however, we haven't taken much time for cropping etc lately, what with my being sick, and then the news that my grandmother had a severe stroke, and is in the hospital. I stayed awake for two days straight, which is why last night, I unfortunately could not make the back to school party in nightside. I was pretty bummed. I did set my alarm, and I even did come and sit at the computer, but having taken some benadryl, to not only help me sleep, but to fight my dern allergies, I was not able to keep my eyes open.

I am just NINE diamonds away from reaching Master Artisan...thats like...100+ more ore to find. FUN! To top it off, been farming Mali, does anyone know if you can still get the storm hound from him?! I really want it! I would SO retire my Stormzilla for it. Hatched with Kash a second time, and this time he got his Levithian (sp? don't feel like going to the central to look it up). He was uber psyched! That means I have another Stormzilla. I'll most likely put him on my GM Ice, since he uses storm as a second school.

Obviously, he can't wear the pet, but he can still use it as decoration!

Well, I'm off. Kash and I were going to run a bunch of instances in Mooshu, hunting more pets around the spiral. Then, we're farming Mali again, in a few.

Peace all, and happy gaming!


Meet, Rex.

So, Kash and I were able to finally hatch for the first time. We tried his Hydra with my Stormzilla.

And this, was the result:

Unfortunately, Kash only got another Hydra out of the deal. There is always next time! Now, we just need to keep on farming to get more money to do that. The wayfarers scheme seems too hard for the two of us to do. We can't even get through Briskbreeze alone.

Farming, Farming, and MORE Farming.

Did a lot of farming lately, since Kash and I share a laptop atm, and he was busy still trying to get his firebat from the Gurtok Barrier Demon in GH. I was lucky enough to get both the Sunbird and the Icebird fairly quickly. I was however, unlucky at obtaining the elusive Life Banshee from Krokotopia.

Not much else to talk about really since I've just been mostly farming. I'll have another blog post up soon about my very first hatch with my Stormzilla!

Saving creatures around the spiral.

After hours and hours of trying his best, Tristan finally rescued the poor little fire bat that was stashed away in the Gurtok Barrier Demon's cave. Tristan wasn't sure if he would ever be able to save him, but, after a back pack and a few wheel barrels full of toy trains, the demon released the creature. Tristan already knows where the best place the firebat will have a great life - with his good friend Suri Summergrove.

After donating all those toy trains to the little bears of Grizzleheim and a few other places around the spiral, Tristan heard the cries of another poor little bird in the Glacial Wastes. Tristan followed the cries of said bird, and found out it was an ice bird being held captive from a evil Grizzleheimian named Nightwing. It took a few tries but Tristan being the powerful wizard that he is, he "convinced" him to release the bird and Tristan has taken him back to his home until Calamity Starcatcher can pick her up from him.

Tristan had a letter awaiting for him from Suri Summergrove telling him about how she saw Ember Everburn had a sunbird in a cage and she tried to save it but couldn't. Strutting off to Mooshu, Tristan stormed into the dojo and demanded the bird to be released. Ember Everburn had no choice but to listen to this Grandmaster of Sorcery and the sunbird is now resting happily at Tristan's lovely balance house in Krokotopia.

With all of that said, Tristan and Kieran finally mated their stormzilla and hydra together. I'm quite upset that I ended up with another Hydra, but happy to see that Kieran got a Fatezilla out of the deal. I will definitely hatch again as soon as we can both farm enough to save up enough to hatch again.


Attack of the toy trains.

Today Tristan went on his adventure to the far away land of Grizzleheim in search of a fire bat that a Gurtok Barrier Demon has locked up and hidden away in his cave. The Demon is still adament on releasing the fire bat from its imprisonment, poor thing. Tristan won't give up until he finds a way to save it. So far, he has only relinquished some long lost toy trains which he will be donating to the tiny bears roaming around the land. They need love too, you know.

I've been farming him for a few hours now, back to back, and ninety percent of the time I've gotten no other drops other than toy trains. Cute and all, drop the fire bat already. Kieran got it within the first few battles. Find it not exactly fair that we have to do this battle alone either since Grizzleheim bosses are high health, making each battle at least 20-40minutes at a time, but, I will get this..

Crabling, finally!

SO, after many many hours, I was finally able to get a crabling! Woot. Only took a few days in total hours of farming. First Kash and I were farming the Gurtok Barrier Demon in Ravenscar for the firebats, but I aquired that pet early on, so I started to farm for the crabling again. After about 8 hours of doing so, whether it was I, or Kash manning the mouse and keyboard, finally the crazed forest spirit dropped me a crabling pet.

Tried to catch a print screen as soon as it dropped, but had an emergency just as the battle finished, lol. My cat kinda fell...and I jumped to go see if he was alright. Didn't even know that the crabling dropped until after I got back to the comp screen. However, I managed to capture the above screen shot as soon as it hatched. Woot. what to farm. Hmm.


The Legend Twins are OUT of Marleybone...

Finally. I'll let Kash post on his behalf if he feels, but this is a huge feat. As I said before in a past blog post, I HATE Marleybone only for the fact that it lags so much more than any other place in the game. I made an updated signature for Ryan, now I just need to work on getting it for everyone, lol.

I also have a screenie of them fighting Bellows. I had meant to ask Kash to screen Sprocket, but alas, I forgot. Been having some major tooth ache pain and been kinda taking meds to try and help alleviate it. By the time we were in Big Ben and at Meowiarty, my tooth was hurting so bad that I couldn't hardly conentrate on the battle, let alone to get a good screen shot. Maybe we'll remember to get it when we go back in for a farming run.


Lost Sigils and Slower Game Play

So I'm running around in Marleybone, on mine and Kash's Myth characters, and I can't help but notice that there is in many places, missing sigil animation. To show you what I mean by sigil animation, I took a snap shot.

This is how a sigil looks when you've had a quest to go inside. It has that blue aura, and once you're finished in side, the blue remains. Signifying that you can actually get in side the place. However, I've been seeing more and more, sigils missing the blue aura, despite I've had quests to go inside, and even have gone in side.

Now, I know they were there before the update last week, that had the game down for 8+ hours, but since then..nothing. Wonder what's up. Are they changing the way sigils look, or is this an error? Hmm. Well, I guess only time will tell.

Also, I thought KI was supposed to be making the game faster, and better for everyone playing? I'm really rushing through Marleybone right now on these Conjurers because this seems by far the hardest place to play due to game lag. Now, Kash and I share a computer, which makes things already slow for playing, but, it was manageable to an extent before all these updates.

Now, I get if I'm lucky, a few quests in every 4 hours or more. It's that bad. I'm constantly being lagged any time any other players come near me, to the point it makes my screen go black and stay black for a minute or longer. By the time it does come back, more often than not, I'm stuck in a battle.

We have two other characters that need to get through Marleybone and we are really dreading the time it's going to take. Wish us luck.


Should it really be this tough? After hours and hours of doing this instance with my grandmaster balance (Tristan) with his best mate Kieran Storm, we finally beat this, but only after searching for two other people to run in with us. It took us forever - all the jumping out, healing, dying, and trying it over and over. My issue is this.

What are those people that actually can't speak because of their age, those that use only menu chat, going to do? Most people, especially those that are paying customers of the game, tend to leave those sort of people alone because of the fact that they can't speak properly whether they are also paying customers or not. Even if they do find three other people to actually do this instance with, they cannot strategize with the others, and with an instance like this, you must do that or you're going to die.

I understand why KI has this specific instance as hard as it is. It's for the challenge. I also understand why KI wants us to work together, but, not everyone is going to be able to accomplish what they are aiming for and I personally don't think its fair that for those that are actually paying customers - or otherwise, should be forced to do certain things only with other people. Everything should be able to be played through completely with just your character, and we should be able to decide whether we want to play instances with others or not. It really makes me wonder what my two young cousins are going to do since they use only menu chat.


Level 28 Myth Quest

So far, all the level 28 quests have been fairly easy to do, and if they weren't, I've been able to have a friend port to help. Until now. Playing on our Myth characters, I at least expected for us to be able to run them in together and there each other out. No such luck. Heck, I didn't even beat the boss until Ryan was level 30. Reed was level 31 before we were able to defeat the boss. Why is it that the boss and his minion are myth for this quest, yet all they cast is Fire, Ice and Death? And with the available decks out at this level, if my deck didn't lay out JUST right, I was screwed.

And I was screwed. I think I spent over 20 hours fighting them in total. I had to have my minion in, and if it didn't show up with in the first few deck layouts, I was pretty much, again...screwed. My prisms refused to show up, so I was stuck hitting myth on myth, or using my death and ice. If it wasn't for my vampire and ghoul, I would still be trying to beat them. Kash has an advantage over me with Reed, since he has life as a second, and is able to heal. But the mere fact that vampire and ghoul both hit and heal is what made the difference for this battle.

Having played all the other schools up to this point, minus life, which, if I remember correctly, is against Nine Lives, because another friend had a hard time with this, I've never encountered a harder battle. It kind of makes me worry about battles to come. Maybe Myth was the wrong way to go? Oh well, I can't help but like the spells, even if they don't dish out the greatest and highest hits. Definitely a big difference for me from having a GM Storm and Ice.

Oh, and, all for a stupid STUN card?! Ha. :D

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