Kieran Storm and Tristan Sky's journey through the spiral. See how far they've already come, and how much farther they will go.


Princess Madison and the Ravens

Been mainly sticking to questing on the Myth Twins, and they finally made it to the Ravens in Grizzleheim. Only took three days of nothing but more questing in GH. And guess just how many levels they upped the entire time?? They went from level 45 to dundundunnnnnnnn...45. Yep. All that questing, added up to nothing.

That is the ONLY thing I hate about GH. But, I can't complain too much, since KI specifically said that they made GH as a side world anyway, just something to do when you don't feel like doing what you have been doing. Which is the same redundant questing, if you're working on your third GM anyway. Lol.

However, I have finally managed (with Kash's help of course) to level up Ryan's faithful dragon, Princess Madison, the friendly dragon to ancient. First pet EVER for me to level up past adult. Most likely she will be my first ever Epic pet. She is awesome. I love her. I seriously doubt I will even use her Orthus (when she gets it) unless it produces as good stats as Madison.

Here, is her pic. Click on the picture to make it bigger. :)

Well, I'm off to play some more in Dragonspyre. Trying to get the twins to level 48, and then to GM before Celestia arrives!


Selena. Selena. Selena.

After all the Selena Questing, on the main account and then on my and Kai's second account, I am so sick and tired of that quest. Having to do all of wizard city on the second account.. its but drove me nuts to get there. I really thought KI fixed this issue with the servers but apparently not. Either make more servers, or fix them where its not like it is for millions of people who don't own new computers, or slow connections, or, by god, both. >.< Here's pictures with the rest of my main account characters finishing the Selena quest, minus Tristan since he was in my last post. From first from last here are the names of the characters. Suri, Alura, Mason, Calamity and Reed.

More on Selena

I took pictures of all my characters, (minus my second acct since they are only all level 6/7) dancing with Selena Gomez after completing the quest.






Also, I had a nice laugh at where I decided to hang my Selena picture. In my dungeon, lol. It's in there for two reasons. One of which is, I really didn't have any where else to put it. The other of which, meh, don't feel like saying.

(Kieran and his dungeon, where he placed Selena's picture)

I remade just about all my characters on my second account, as did Kash so we had to run around wizcity (which let me tell you, was very difficult over the weekend) to level them up to six so that they could do the quest for Selena.

I thought KI had said they fixed server issues?? Then why was every single realm Crowded or Full, with 9 areas a piece?! There were times it was too hard for us to even move we had to literally end task the client (else the client would freeze up our computers for 15+ minutes trying to close itself, and then it would crash, unable to close) and get on later on at night so we could run them.

Absolute madness.


Farming and more farming.

So, we've been farming as well as questing on the Legend Twins, and here is a few things that I've gotten whether on Tristan or one of my other characters. I was pretty excited when I got the Professor picture. I wanted to get one of each of the schools for my balance house, but, wiz central doesn't have them even documented on there. Not all of them anyway, and we cannot remember where we got Cyrus Drake. No picture for that one, that was before we started taking pictures. If anyone has any idea where the rest are, let us know. We're going to try our best to try and get the legend twins up to lvl 50 before Celestia comes out. Here's hoping.

More pets found; Grubb and Glitch

Been farming, and I got more pets. Woot. Here are the screen shots:

Also, Kash and I went and helped Nina through Sunken city, her on Autumn Legend (sibling to the Myth Twins) and we were on our death twins, Mycin and Mason Ravenblood when I noticed Grubb had a new look! I've been noticing this all over the spiral and I am very happy that KI has decided to change the look of the redundant mobs/bosses over all. Good job KI! It was also this run that I recieved for the first time the blue cat thug.

Another funny pet glitch, check it out:

Tyson is HUGE in comparison to his master Adrian, lol. Just had to print screen this. Glitches are too funny. I wish I could see those though like I've read in other bloggers posts about floating pets, or even wizards! That would be awesome to witness.


Selena Gomez is coming to town.

Well, as Kai stated in his blog, Selena has finally come live, and from what I read on the wiz101 site, if they keep their word, and I understood properly, Celestia should be coming by the end of the month. The next scheduled maintenance. We're pretty excited about this, and hope that KI keeps up their word, or millions of people will be very upset about this fact. We struggled through the quest on our first set of Grandmasters, since the game has given us trouble. We can't stay connected to it, despite we have a stable internet connection. Horrible. They'll probably have to go back into maintenance tonight, I'm assuming to fix whatever happened with the new patch.

Here's Tristan swimming with his faithful and loyal pal Xena the hydra. She is there for him a lot in battle, just like Kieran and his stormzilla. I personally like the fact that its not as dark as it was in the test realm. Maybe its me though.

Tristan saved Selena from a horrible idea of a marriage between her and the king. I do agree with Kai about naming the place Crab Alley. We have a City that has an alley, lane, and an avenue. Why name it alley when you could name it road? trail? drive? circle? anything but alley. But, from what I understand, Crab Alley won't even exist once the quest is taken off of the game.

Here's Tristan dancing with Selena after rescuing her. Over all, I do hope we can catch up and do all the other chars for the quest before time runs out due to the disconnecting. I also hope that they fix the fact that the shark mount is only crowns. I know Kai wants that mount really bad.

Like Whoa

Couldn't really think of a title, so that's what you get. :) The Selena Gomez quest went live today. Having a hard time doing it though as for some reason, the game just keeps disconnecting me, or completely freezing my client up, like so:

I plan on doing this on everyone of my characters, including my side account. Kash and I have been talking, and we've sort of both agreed that we'd like to sub our side accounts to start leveling them up slowly but surely. It will definitely be fun, in my opinion.

I've noticed that the water in Crab Alley (still not liking the name) is much easier to see in compared to how it was on test. Here is Kieran just treading under water along side his trusty pet Zeus the Stormzilla.

The crabs must have known Kieran was coming because look at this cake they had out for him, oh oh and check out the massive amount of presents! Woot. :D

After Kieran rescued Selena from the crabs that were holding her hostage, and forcing her to wed the crab king, we all danced together to celebrate my triumph. Look at us boogie!


Lets keep swimming, swimming, swimming

Like Kai said in his blog about the test realm, I've not really played around on there, but this is Celestia we're talking about here. At least, some of it is, so after a long wait to patch - I signed in as my young Theurgist Alura not really expecting to be able to complete the entire Selena Gomez quest but, lo and behold I could. I totally took advantage of the crowns on there, because there is so many things that I would love to be able to buy on the actual game, not only for all six of my characters, but be able to get the things that Kai really wants for his six characters as well. I found the cutest outfit for Alura, since I would love for her to have a unicorn mount, never will be able to afford it, sadly, not right now anyway, and the Royal outfit would fit perfectly for what I see her being. Total fairy tale-ish type girl. Love it. I didn't know that it even existed honestly until I seen it on the test realm, and was all sad because it was in crowns, but, seen just a few moments ago that you can actually buy it in gold as well. I have a lot to farm for, I just hope we have enough time before our year subscription runs out. Here are a few pictures of the outfit. It's no unicorn, but, she's on the mount that I want for my Thaumaturge Character.

The only thing that I found wrong with crab alley/celestia is that I think its a bit dark. It would make more sense if you were further underwater for it to be that dark. But, you are too close to the surface for it to be so dark. It's hard to see where you are going, and hard to see names. Otherwise, I thought it looked awesome, and love the fact that you can actually swim if you don't have a mount on, as well as your pet swimming along side you. I like the fact that there are actual fish swimming around, the mobs look awesome, as far as I can tell. I just hope that Celestia isn't going to be that easy. I don't think it will be, probably just that easy for .everyone. to be able to play along with the Selena contest.

Fallon Wishes upon a Celestian Star

Okay, so not really, BUT it fit with the theme of this blog post, so, here goes.

I've been a subscriber now off and on for almost two years, and I've never gone in to the test realm. Not even for Grizzleheim, or the pets. Just didn't feel like it. But of course, this is Celestia we're talking about, so I just HAD to do it. I used my lowest character to do so, since all the talk was that you just had to be a level 6 char to receive and complete the quest.

Now, I was thinking that you had to be level six to start, but I didn't really know if I would be able to finish it. Honestly, it probably would have been much harder if Fallon was level six, but alas, she is level 14. It took a long while for things to load, but once it did, I had a blast. As short as the quest was, it was still interesting.

I'm not a Selena Gomez fan, just to start that off, but I have nothing against her. Not like I do with Miley Cyrus. Can't STAND her. Blech. Seriously. Can't stand her. Selena actually has decent music, and nice lyrics too. So, that's a plus. Also, she seems like a decent human being, unlike so many not so decent humans in the world.

I love a lot of things about the overall look of the place. Only thing bugging me is the lack of visual clarity. It's so hard to see anything around. It's going to be like Marleybone (for Kash and I) but with out the lagging to blame. I also took off Fallon's mount to be enthralled by the fact that she was swimming, as was her trusty sidekick, the Rain Colossus.

So, awesome.

I also totally took advantage of the crowns in the test. I bought her the Carnival clothing style set, as well as the Ascendant staff, and the seraph wings. LOVE the seraph wings, always have, just can't afford them. Can't afford much in game, being as though I'm unemployed. :( Oh well, I have my subscription! I was SOO tempted to get the storm hound *tear* but alas, I couldn't torture myself any longer.

I will, some how come up with this clothing style for Fallon when she's level 50. I've got some parts already actually saved in her bank to stitch at a later date. Now, just have to get her to level 50. Yeah..not gonna happen for a while, lol.

Happy playing all.


The Ravenbloods Prism Death, again

Mycin and Mason made it to level 18 finally, receiving their death prisms for the second time. Since we deleted the original Ravenbloods to start them over, they've kind of just been sitting on the back burner chillin' a while along with Kieran and Tristan's cousins, Alura and Fallon. Though, we play the Ravenbloods more than we do the cousins.

(Mycin and Lord Fluffy)

(Mason and his death leprechaun, Mister Lucky)

Not for any particular reason, it just usually always happens that way. Anyway, Mycin and Mason rushed around and finally stood in front of this here guy, name escapes me, to learn the secret words to forge their prism spells. Pretty excited. Something also exciting, or more like funny:

For some reason Mycin's pet was the only thing you could see on my end, lol. It's like he isn't even in the battle, but you can sure see Lord Fluffy there!

Nothing beats a pet that's REALLY there for you!

"I've got your back Mycin, you can count on me!" -Lord Fluffy

Haha, peace all and happy playing.


I finally got it! Only took one more try after the first, and I was able to get him! I named him Cosmo, and I'm psyched. Bad me though for not taking the time to level him up. Bad Kash, bad. I know.

Kai and I were talking of hatching with him and his fatezilla Rex. Guaranteeing us both with a hybrid! What do you think?


The Myth Twins make it to Mooshu

First, The Myth Twins, Ryan and Reed, recieved their final minion spell, annnd we leveled them up to 40. Their clothes, are hideous. So, of course, more farming to be done. But, they are both half way there to getting their Myth HOUSES! Woot. I can't wait.

Also, while farming on them, both Ryan and Reed managed to snag a piece of the rainbow. So to speak, they at least managed to snag the piece that makes the gold appear at the end. Their Myth Leprechauns! I have a lot of dreaded farming ahead, as I'm still trying to get my death leprechaun from Dean Vladmir Darkflame in the Labrynth.

Soo mad when Kash got that randomly in there one time while actually questing. I plan on giving the death leprechaun to Ryan when I get it, since her second school is death. We also need to farm for the plain ol' leprechaun, just for me to have, and for Reed to wear, since his second school is life. We thought that would be a cool thing for the two to wear.

(This is Ryan's old look..I don't dare share her new one.)

Bug, or No Bug?

Does anyone know why this happens? It happens ALWAYS when my bag is actually empty, and always when I'm just starting out to play a pet game...

Pet Farming Frenzy

Sorry for the late post. I've been real busy with things out side of Wizard, and when I've been on the computer, I've been playing Wiz, not writing about it. I'm sure you all can understand.

Let's start with Yeva Spiderkeeper and her spider...that just would not show. Kai got the pet from her many times before she finally let one go in my direction.

Here are some other pets I've recently received, some easily, others, not so much.

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