Kieran Storm and Tristan Sky's journey through the spiral. See how far they've already come, and how much farther they will go.


Happy Thanksgiving and Why KI, WHY?!

So, first off, congratulations to the winners of our contest. You've all been emailed with instructions on how to get a hold of us, etc. Second, Happy Thanksgiving to all that celebrate. And to those that don't: Happy Last Thursday in November! Third, WHY KI, WHY am I seeing drops like this? I thought that maybe, just maybe it was random or something...and that it would go back to normal. However, it's not getting any better. On average, I get one drop per battle, where as Tristan gets 4 drops per battle, on average. 

How is this fair? He has reached 200k in gold selling drops twice now, and I've barely made it to 40k. Is anyone else noticing a drastic drop in drops on their character? We thought it might have just been Celestia, but no. We farmed in Dragonspyre for a couple of days back to back, and the same thing. 0-1 drops for me and 3-7 drops for him.There is no way I'm going to be able to finish anything I've been trying to do since it all takes gold to do it.

This is going to be a short post due to the fact that it's a holiday and all. Kind of started the day off late...and we're only now getting the gravy ready, since the turkey only just now finished cooking...... So, I'll leave you with these screen shots, taken just ten minutes ago. The first battle we did when signing in to the game. Had me so frustrated, I closed the game and decided to blog about it. 

Tristan's Drops....

Kieran's Drops...fair? I think not.

Happy Wizarding and Thanksgiving everyone!


Danger Hound and Gardening in Wizard? Good-Bye Farmville!

So, after waiting forever, and debating if we really should contact KI about our missing danger hound codes, we finally went ahead and contacted them, asking if we could please get our codes resent or something to us. Took almost the entire day yesterday of writing back and forth, but in the end WE GOT OUR DANGER HOUNDS. Mine was named Hunter, right off the bat so I left it there. That sounds like a good name for a Danger hound, right? I think so anyway. Still trying to get a fierce hound, by hatching with Z's fierce hound. No luck. Still haven't heard word of whether or not its even possible to get one through hatching. 

I'm guessing no news is good news? Lets hope. Leveled my Starfish to adult, but no spritely yet. Really wanting a spinyfish but I refuse to buy it with crowns. I want it to hatch with my zilla time and again to get some decent stats finally. One thing that was disheartening was with KI support, and how it seemed with every message they sent to us, it just 'felt' like it was a totally different person on the other end, who didn't bother to read the messages before. By them, or by us. Very indifferent and impersonal. One said they could help with our level 48 pets, and the other said the complete opposite. Before we got our DH's they were wanting our Central emails to make sure they had the codes available for us, and the next email, about 20 minutes later from them was "The danger hound contest is over, so we can not help you." and left it at that.

Like I said, it felt like random people were just picking up the email and answering it how they felt like at the time, regardless the situation was already being resolved by someone else. In the end though, as stated before, we did manage to finally acquire our Danger Hounds. Woot. Contest news: the winners have been selected, and they will be receiving an email from us some time today, where we can then discuss meeting times and conclude how the hatching/merc days will work out. Thank you to all who entered, we enjoyed reading your stories, etc.

Now, on to Farming. Farm games is probably a really big thing for me and Z. We each love farm games, but separately. Personally, we hate Farmville by Zynga, but there are other farm games that we love. Like Country Story. Its safe to say he and I are both stoked with the new updates secretly found on the TR. At first we were apprehensive to get on, since it does say OFFLINE. However, with as many people on the TR, and submitting Bug Reports, etc. I believe KI is aware that they are there, and get this, they don't mind! Or, at least if they did, they know how and are capable of kicking everyone off and closing the TR for reals.

We first entered on to the test using my screen name. Funnily, we see that Kieran is only level 59. That shows how long this has been implemented in to the test realm. He's been at 60 for over a week now. Of course when we saw we could plant stuff, my MB manor came to mind as the perfect place to do so. I mean, after all, it has a green house on site! :D So, we head over to Farley and do his little quests, yada yada, you can read all about that stuff on the blogs found on our blog roll. :P No need to contribute completely to redundancy. ;)  Then we head over to Kieran's MB Mansion and start planting. 

Think he wants to hear music? I do.
These rank one plants don't require much at all, but I've read (from same said blogs on the right) that the higher rank ones require much more tending too. Which, okay. That's usually how it works with these games. Easy firsts, harder seconds. One thing I did ask of KI was that if they are going to use Pet Energy, maybe they could up the max pet energy by 20 or so. I barely have enough PE it seems to level up my pets, but now it needs to be shared for farming? Eek. We went ahead and bought the beast master clothing set on test to up our pet energy by some, but it isn't something we would want in live. 

Raining outside, now inside. Woot.

Newly planted little bud. Isn't it cute? Lol.
 Definitely think I personally am going to like this expansion to the game.  Wont miss playing Country Story as much, since I'll kind of have it in Wizard. Now if some how we could run our own restaurant (or at least implement cooking in some way) in the game, I'd be set! Love me some restaurant games, like Country Story's sister game Restaurant City. Playfish really know how to keep me entertained, and its safe to say Wizard has them beat! Go Kingisle! Haha. Now lets take a look at Kash's garden, via his Krokotopian House.

Here he is pollinating the entire crop using a treasure card from Moolinda's TCP in the Crown Shop

Moolinda's TCP; Gives pretty awesome cards for those of you who have lots of crops
You..light up
Sing....sing a song.....sing along....
Ahaha, okay. I'm done playing around. Seriously though, LOVE this new idea. Rock on, err Plant on KI! This expansion gives a whole new meaning to FARMING. Ha!

/Feels like playing Harvest Moon now...any takers? :P

Happy Wizarding everyone!

P.S. Happy Birthday Vanessa from Diviners Lane!


Epic Bundle Giftcard. My Birthday.

It's my birthday today. Woot. Pretty excited, hopefully going to have a good day, but so far its going good. X bought me an Epic Bundle gift card from Game stop, and I took a lot of pictures of each item that I could choose from. I know that this isn't something that is new for a lot of people but I'm stoked. I'm really into Fantasy and the Medieval and Victorian era so when I first seen that this was out there I've wanted it. I thought since someone might be interested in knowing what each thing you can get from it, the stats and what not, so took a picture of the items to hopefully help someone with it. Let's start.

I gave the game to my main character Tristan.


I gave the Fantasy Palace. and the Gryphon to my Life Character Alura, which just so happens to be my lowest level wise.  Why? Because I really saw her being the Princessy type character, and I thought the Gryphon looked awesome on her. 

I gave the Fierce Hound to my death character Mason since I thought it would fit him best. So far it has given good stats for him specifically. I picked it to be blue since Mason's colors are black and blue. 

Here is the wand(s) that you can choose from, each wand gives one card of each school from what it looks like. 60 to 110 hit depending on the level. I chose the level 50 for any of my Grandmasters since they all pretty much need a wand to go back and forth between them when I'm actually playing on them that's level 50. I'll most likely give it to Reed my myth until he's done using it. 

Here are the pictures of all the clothing levels that I could choose from. This was the hardest part for me to do. I originally thought that I would give it to Tristan because I really like the type of clothing style it is, the Overlord clothing I think it is actually called but I decided against this because I would be losing too much especially since I'm in Celestia with him. So, I decided to get the 30's for Mason since he would benefit the most from the gear. 

With that said, I'm suppose to be having Schezuan for dinner, lots of farming, German Chocolate Cake, X says he might get me a Gourami as well later on. Maybe. Might wait for black friday. lol. Could also be going to Gamestop and Riteaid for ten dollar cards to get a brute piggle and brave piggle. What are your thoughts about these pets? We've heard they give pretty good talents. 

On a last note, if you follow us on Twitter you might have seen us saying our 2yr old Goldfish named Dhani was in extremely poor health due to being confined in a ten gallon tank. Neither one of us could afford a bigger tank for him. Thankfully, a neighbor who has a lot of tanks that she doesn't use at all, gave us a twenty gallon. He's still sick but he is getting much better. We're very happy about this. Any of you out there that think that a fish is just a fish, then you've never had a fish like him. He's awesome. He's smart. He likes to play and even tease our cats. He even lets our cats put their paws on him while standing over the tank. And then he swims away really fast like 'hahaha you can't get me' and makes them chase after him back and forth. It's entertaining to say the least. We really didn't want to lose him after losing his tank buddy not too long ago. R.I.P. Emile.  

Happy Crafting Twoheadedwiz :p 
Happy wizarding everyone else.

PS Today is the last day to send in your entries for the contest. Must be submitted by 9pm EST tonight. Details can be found on the left of this post. Good luck to all our entries. 


Legendary! To continue, or not to continue?

That is the question. We finally hit Legendary while running around in the Crustacean Empire. We have a quest now to go to Calypso's ship I believe it is. Don't really remember. We had been up all night questing (since that is the best and pretty much only time we can do anything in CL any more) and about thirty minutes before we went to bed, we had taken some benadryl, moved to go back to farming Cuthalla. I really really WANT the Spinyfish pet.

Now we are debating on whether or not we should continue questing, or leave it be until a new level cap is implemented in to the game. However, who KNOWS when that will be. KI could surprise us with this awesome update next month. OR it could be another two years! Don't think I really want to wait for two years before I finish Celestia. Not to mention, most likely I won't be playing Wiz101 another two years, UNLESS they have added more content to play in.

Things do tend to get some what redundant after a while, unfortunately.

Best way to cure redundancy is to change things up. Which, is what we try to do. As best as possible. Hence why we've been sort of playing around with the new stats found on CL gear. Still can't decide which is best. The ones that give me accuracy (Z ppp), health, hit and shield? Or health, crit hit, crit block. What do you guys think is the best way to go when it comes to gear, and being legendary?

Also, a reminder: you have one more day to enter in to the contest we are hosting here on Stormy Skies. Now, I know it's not like many you've seen, and personally I'm happy with the set up we have done. It makes things in our opinion, much more personal. We look forward to helping out the winners, and even making more friends in game. Just remember to enter by Monday at 9pm EST/7pm CST to be counted. The information on what is needed to enter can be found by clicking the link to the left of this blog post.

Note: We will not be posting the winners of the contest, but instead emailing the contestants with their rankings.

Well, this is all for today. Happy Wizarding everyone!


High Hit Record (for us anyway)

Just to play around with Leviathan, Z and I decided to stack what cards we did have, not including any treasures, etc and hit. It was a success, and it hit almost 30k. Can only imagine (as of right now) how high it would hit once we stacked with treasures! Which we plan on doing very soon. Until then, enjoy this video!

P.S. Don't forget to check out the contest we are hosting. Only a few more days left to enter! Info on contest can be found to the left of this post.


Video of Ra - my new spell.


It has taken me a long time to finally get Tristan up to Level 58, to get to this quest, despite Celestia has only been out recently. He hasn't exactly been the easiest but by far my favorite character and balance my favorite school.  I'm lucky to have had X to run around the spiral with, despite I'm sure he would say the exact same thing about me at the same time. It definitely has been a challenge, and a good one. We're almost done with Celestia as well, finally entering the Crab Empire area, as of tonight but we'll get into that another entry.

I would have to say that Ra is my favorite spell, and not because it's the latest spell out for Balance or because of the bigger hit damage plus it is an all hitter, that helps though. I like it for its look, plus I'm really into Egyptian mythology, and Ra and Horus are my favorite Gods. What they were all about. Horus or the part of the spell that is looked to be a falconesque being was the God of the Sky, God of War as well as God of Protection, which I think fits Balance quite wonderfully. We balance students are considered the buffer and I'm constantly keeping others alive rather than actually giving out the damage. Now, Ra was the Sun God, which again, fits what the spell is about as well, obviously. I understand why they combined Ra and Horus together as well, because in lore it happened that as well. In mythology Ra and Horus because Ra-Horakhty, then became Amun-Ra. It all fits if you know anything about myth, but, I'm done with my little lesson despite I didn't say much and what I have said can be quite confusing. 

While getting to Level 58 was in itself a big challenge for X and I, I'm telling you the actual boss you fight to get it, at least for me it was hard. I don't exactly know how many times I actually died, but, it was quite a bit. I'm excited though to see what is coming up for me though in Celestia. I plan on trying my hand at stacking again as well since tonight X and I played around with it and started me wanting to get back into doing that to see just how much we can do with his new Leviathan spell that he obtained the same time I got Ra. I'm stoked.

Happy playing.



After it's long awaited arrival in to the spiral, it only seemed that it was taking just as much time to acquire the level 58 spell Leviathan on Kieran Storm. But I can say with confidence, I have finally proven my valor and won the approval of said beast, and granted the permission to summon him in combat whenever I feel the need.

Totally AWESOME!

I am really upset however that for whatever reason, the first half of the quest line to receive the spell, my print screen would not work. To top it off, neither would Xfire allow me to take videos. I think what happened was we had had the computer on for too long yesterday..and it just didn't want to work at all. Restarted the client after I finally beat the boss. I really wanted to video that, however, I'm kind of glad we didn't try. Why? Because it took me about 6 times before I managed to defeat him. That would have been a lot of bad takes to sort through and delete, lol.


Not sure why Xfire didn't upload my video as a Wizard101 did the others. :/ Oh well. Enjoy it anyway! I know I did. Love the new spell. Thanks KI!

Happy Wizarding!

P.S. Don't forget about the contest we're hosting! Click here to be directed to the formalities.


First ever CONTEST!

As promised, Xinaed and I will be hosting our very first contest here on Stormy Skies. Now, again as promised, we will be doing it a little differently than what we've seen most doing. Granted, we wish we had all this money to buy crowns, and then use those crowns to buy the awards with, but we don't. We've racked our brains, and finally come to an agreement on what we feel the awards should/will be.

But first, we should tell you that we aren't going to be doing one of those contests where you just 'sign up' and that's the end of it. No. Since we are going to have to work, literally for the awards given, we would like you to work, for the right to be awarded. Nothing too difficult, and anybody who is anybody could easily do what we are asking of you.

You can choose of three things to submit for your entry in to the contest. You will have one week to submit your work to us at khai.dreamweavers.kash @ Remember to take the spaces out of the address, lol. Now to enter, you must be following us via twitter, or this blog, or both. Comment this blog post giving your Wizard name, where you are following us, as well as the type of entry you are going to be submitting. This way we can make sure to look for your email, and hold on to it. Don't want it getting lost in the spam folder. :)

Option One: Submit at least three paragraphs describing how Wizard101 has affected your life, excluding personal details such as your real name, age, location, etc.

Option Two: Make a graphic picture, either hand drawn, drawn in paint, collage, photo manipulation, etc of your favorite wizard101 pet(s), and your character(s). Then upload it to a picture hosting site such as picasa or photobucket, and email us the link so we can view it

Option Three: Write an in-character short story in your wizards point of view, of a time in their "life". Such as how they came about aquiring their pet/favorite pet, how they met their best friend, etc etc. Be creative. Three paragraph minimum.

Remember a paragraph is 5-7 sentences. Also, make sure to put your wizards name in your email to us so we can match them up with the comments.

Now, for our awards:

First place will be eligable to hatch* with one of mine, or Xinaed's PETS, hybrid, promo, crowns, it doesn't matter which you chose, nor does it matter if you don't have a pet of equal "value". Plus, myself and Xinaed will run our wizards with yours for a day, helping you with whatever you so wish. Questing, Farming, you name it. We will be your mercenaries* for a day.

Second place will get us as personal mercenaries* for a day + 15 Treasure Cards*.

Third place will get to have us as merceneries* for one long instance. Example: Malistaire, Kensington, Tomb of the Beguiler, Labrynth, etc. As well as 10 treasure cards*.

We are looking forward to not only seeing your entries, but running around with the winners of the contest. Keep in mind, the winners will not be judged for their expertise at their chosen submission, but really the effort and thought it took to put it together*.

*Hatch - we will hatch with you until you get the pet you are seeking. Example: We hatch, but you get your same pet back, so we will keep trying.

*Mercenaries - Unfortunately, your merc needs must be limited to where we currently can go at the time set up by all of us to meet. Example: If we can't go in to the trial of spheres, we can't really help you if that's what you are wanting. Hopefully, we will have beaten Celestia by the time this contest is over, but just in case we are putting these stipulations in, in advance. So be warned. Also, unfortunately, we don't have the greatest of computers, gaming wise, and there for we are limited in our times of when we can go to more populated worlds/areas, regardless the state of the realm. Celestia for example, is something we can only manage to venture in to on weekday nights, as well as weekend nights. Late nights. We do apologize.

*Treasure cards - To make this fair, we will be throwing in a random amount of both low rank, and high rank treasure cards.

*If a significant amount of entries are submitted, it's possible we might go the random route for picking winners to make things more even and fair.

Good luck to all!


Welcome to New Gobblerton

Call it or me corny, but one of my favorite quests in the game is one that is in the very beginning. Well, not very very, because you have to actually be a paying player, whether via crowns or via sub to access it, but, it's still early on and in Wizard City. I had the pleasure of running Z and my's lowest level wizards around the other day and was brought back to this quest and I just had to print screen it. Wish I could have taken a video of it, but we didn't have Xfire at the time.

I'm talking about the entire side street of Colossus Blvd and those darn Gobblers that terrorize the place with their stinky farts. And I'm also talking about what it all leads up to: The Gobbler King. I'm not sure why I love this quest so much. Maybe it's the way he looks/acts or maybe it's the way he speaks when you try and convince him to leave the street of Wizard City for good. Either way, I absolutely love it. 

[[Begin story]]

"Me, tiny? I-uh..never thought of myself as tiny.. Surrender the city? No, I'm actually here because Headmaster Ambrose has sent me to ask you and the other gobblers to leave," said Fallon Moon, initiate sorcerer to the King of Gobblers.

"Well I'm sorry but you'll have to- New Gobblerton?" A quiet laugh is heard from Alura Thunder as Fallon tries to stifle a laugh of her own at this remark. 

Good servants? Fallon asked herself upon hearing the Gobbler Kings words. She couldn't help but find this dumb yet intelligent creature amusing, in his entirety.

Catching a glance in her direction from Alura, Fallon nodded and reached for the 'Royal decree' from the self appointed King of New Gobblerton. "The headmaster sure is going to love this," she whispered to Alura as they left what was left of the supposed castle, half eaten by the King himself.

[[End Story]]

In my opinion, this is one of the greatest quests. Like I said before, maybe it's corny, but I can't help but find it amusing. Are there any small quests like this in the game that you find amusing, but perhaps you think or feel others mind find it corny? Corny or not, I'd love to know what quest has you smiling just at the thought of it.

Also, took a screenie of a shot that I thought looked really awesome. Random, I know. But, I like random, it's my thing. With out random, everything would be redundant. And who likes that?

Happy Wizarding! 

P.S. Zaolan and I would like to have a contest! We're trying/wanting to do something a little bit different than most that we've seen and even entered into ourselves. Unfortunately, we wont be able to give more than one, if at all, crowns awards, due to our currently financial situation. However, like I said, we are wanting to do something very different that most have already done. And that goes for the rewards as well. We will have the contest when our Twitter has 30 or more followers, and this blog has 20 or more followers. Only then will we announce what the contest is, and what the rewards will be. Can't wait, as we're very excited. 


Falling off bridges

This blog entry is all about a glitch or error that I found in Celestia. Maybe I'm the only one that has came across from this, and never know, maybe KI will see this and find out why it happened, but, here is my, Z, experience in Stormriven. Let me know if you or someone you know has had this happen to them.

 Here is Tristan looking back up to where he had just fallen from, off the bridge heading toward Leland to try and turn in a quest. He was riding his horse but I unequipped it to get a better look for the pictures. 

Here is a view of the other bridge.

And, on each end of the running strip, inbetween the bridges down below as you can clearly see Tristan is trapped in. He tried everything he could to get out but he was stuck. I finally had to port him back to the base camp and run all the way back to where I was to turn the quest in. 

With that said, again, has anyone ever came across this glitch or error in the game? X and I tried over and over to try and find the exact spot where it happened, but, to no avail we never found it, oddly enough. It's out there somewhere though, apparently. I would assume all games like this would have something like this out there, somewhere, but, I do wonder since we've never came across this anywhere else in the game, if KI even knows about it?

With that said, we've finished Stormriven and Stormriven hall, and zoomed off to the Lunarium last night while we actually had a chance to play in CL. X and I both definitely liked the Morganthe's and Celestian's battling one another in the beginning in one of the rooms. It was awesome in our opinions. I do feel though, and I've been saying this over and over to X about Stormriven hall especially, I feel like theres something else there that we've missed. I mean, the big eyeball thing.. It doesn't explain it at all unless we've missed something in there. Is it a Kraken? Is it the Leviathan? 

Off to do more questing on the Ravenbloods though, to try and get their minions. Deja vu anyone?


Happy Early Birthday Z!

So, Z's birthday is coming up towards the endish of November, but I am wanting to get him his present early. Just in case it is sold out. Plus, I wouldn't want to make him wait any longer just because I know he's really really wanting this. I have decided to get him the 39 dollar DOUBLE WIDE card from Gamestop! Running to the store tomorrow to get it actually and he's pretty stoked. It's all he has been talking about for some time, lol. Personally, I'm not even sure I want it myself. No, I know I don't.

I mean, it's pretty cool, I love what they did etc. But the house itself, and the mount, meh. They don't interest me. Now, I'm holding out for the possiblity that KI will do another big card like this, only the mount/house etc will have a different theme (Celestia anyone??). I'm not big on royal fantasy/victorianesque stuff. Zaolan is. Hence, this card is a perfect birthday gift to him. I am sure he will be posting a blog about having redeeming the stuff etc when he actually gets it in a few days so keep a look out. I'm curious to see the house first hand, since the only time my char has been in one, I was technically asleep, and Z was running me around, haha.

Happy Wizarding everyone!


Master Artisan at LAST!

It's only taken a literal year to get here. No, I'm not joking either. At least, I think it's been a year. Well, its at least been as long as crafting has been out, that I've been trying to make it to Master. I've been stuck at Initiate (guessing that's the one before master, I've had it for so long that I can't remember what it was) for the longest time. Probably 9 months. The others didn't take near as long (obviously if it's been only a year) to reach the next level. Unfortunately in the process, if you can remember as posted here earlier this year I have had a couple set backs a long the way.

In the long run, I've probably lost, misplaced, and or sold many crafted quest items or their reagents, meaning more grinding and crafting for me. As for Z, we were in MB I believe it was when crafting was first introduced in to the game, and unlike myself, he was selling all the reagents he came in contact with. I was smart, and saved them all. :P It wasn't until we were about half way through with Mooshu, or maybe just into Dragonspyre did he decide he wanted to craft. Why? Well, he saw all the awesome stuff you could make if you had that darn badge! As if it isn't hard enough collecting the reagents for the stuff you WANT to craft, you have to find the reagents for stuff you really could care less about, and wont be able to keep in the long run.

Fair? Meh.

Don't really care because I HAVE MY MASTERS CRAFTING BADGE!

Oh no though...Celestia is out, and that means...





Lol, jk. I didn't really die. I'm just soooo tired, but very very proud and excited of and for myself.

So to answer this post topic here, I have written this post. Yes, I will, and I HAVE. Can you tell I'm excited? ;)

Here is the end of my long waits finale:

Woot, here it is folks. Right there under my name!

And of course, went straight to our twitter friends and fellow #Twizards around and asked where I could go to start working towards Grandmaster! You all rock for tweeting replies!

Up next is a little treat, sort of lol. Z and I decided it would be neat to try out Xfire and see if we can't make some videos to share with everyone. Decided to test it out with Tristan requesting to learn to be a grandmaster artisan himself. Enjoy!

Hope everyone continues to enjoy this awesome game, and that you are all in good health, spirit and mind.

Happy Wizarding!


The adventures of The Floating Land.

Kieran and Tristan finally made it to the floating land! It was such a feat since those stupid sharks wouldn't drop their teeth for us. Definitely was not similar to taking candy from a baby that's for sure. Tristan and Kieran came back from under the sea, and up to dry land and this is what their eyes first saw. Is that a Triton?

X and I definitely agree that while playing in this section of Celestia it didn't feel like playing wizard101 at all despite the obvious. I love Krokotopia, but, seeing this place, it is slowly stealing the number one spot for the different places in the spiral. Look mom.. It's the ocean! Just like back home.. And, look.. they even fish like we do back home. This place is definitely a bit of fresh air - just what wizards need I would think.
After setting up camp and a few moments rest while taking in all the scenery, Tristan and Kieran were off in help aiding all the water moles and the Marleybonian's. Although, I do have to admit, the talking waterfall face was a bit odd and scary to me. X thought that it was hilarious though. Maybe I'm weird but it reminds me of something from a dream I once had, or something. I can't explain why it freaks me out, stupid, I know.

We finished the floating land a few days after going there, due to how many people we came across while we were there. It's really hard for us to play in Celestia every day due to the crowd. We're excited to see what is to come though. Celestia just keeps getting better and better in our opinion. Anyone else like this place though? Reminds me of Tahiti or something. On another note, X and I want to thank each and every one of you that follow, RSS and respond to our blogs, as well as follow and chat us up on Twitter. If you have a blog that we should add to our list, let us know, we'll add you if you'll add us. Same goes with twitter.

Happy playing guys.

P.S. This is the 50th post on Stormy Skies!

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