Kieran Storm and Tristan Sky's journey through the spiral. See how far they've already come, and how much farther they will go.


Armando's daily life. - Legacy Challenge.

It's taken me a while to actually get around to posting about my Legacy Family Challenge like Xinaed had done with his in the last blog entry. I've been working on other things since we started this challenge but that's alright. I guess I'll start by showing who I created for the challenge we began together. We both had completely different outcomes already, which I wasn't expecting at all, but, its all about the randomization of it all I guess.

This is Armando

As you can see, mine wasn't as bad as Xinaed's but, he was definitely still ugly as his eyes are all out of wack, as well as he has a really monkey/piggish face, can't really see it with his glasses on, but, he is ridiculous looking without them. I'll have to remember to take a screenie of that the next time I actually feel up to playing him. I could have gone completely out on him, and made him as hideous as I could have, but at the same time I wanted it to be as realistic as well, if he was a real person. It seems as if I've made him almost as if he was born with birth defects or some syndrome, but, I don't know just yet. He's just ugly. lol.


The Tretheway Legacy; Alphonso the Birdman - Day 1

First of all, we really didn't feel like making a completely new blog site just to be posting our Sims Legacy challenges on. We do hope to play wizard101 in the near future but it's going slow since we are both still struggling with income and me at a point in my life where I am too sick to work, but having a difficult time getting on assisted income to help me afford my medications. Here's hoping for the future though, since asthma really isn't an illness to mess with or take lightly.

I was wanting Zaolan to be posting the first post, but he kinda burned his hand last night with some boiling water so I wont be waiting on him lol. We each have our own different families, since we each have the Sims Life Stories installed on our computers. So you will be getting two completely different variations of the same story. We found a blog site that had a legacy challenge that interested us, and also freaked us out. This person plays the Sims3 now, but she used to play sims2. 

Anyway, the challenge she was working on is a sims3 but we decided to try and make it a sims2/life stories version. Obviously somethings can't happen the way it might in sims3 so we make minor adjustments as needed. Then said person added in another challenge to that existing challenge to make it more interesting and less boring. Because some challenges can become boring over time if you don't have a good story line brewing in the mix. 


My Turn

I can't say that I have much to post on because I haven't really be playing wizard101 much lately, but I figured it was my turn to give an explaining blog post so here I am. Right now I'm struggling with having been moved to a position at work that I don't like or enjoy at all, so a lot of my concentration is going towards doing the job correctly & right so that they can say nothing bad when another position opens up and I try to go for it. Added to that is the school work I'm trying to get through & done so that I can use that to show that I'm at least working towards a degree, which again I hope will help when I try to go to another position. & on top of it all my Mema (grandma) is in town visiting right now. I will admit that yes I am playing some because I found it is a good & healthy way to help relieve stress I'm mainly running around on my youngest char who has only recently just entered Colossus Blvd. (& yes I know I probably spelled that wrong, but I don't have the game open currently and my spelling has always stunk, which is why I'm grateful to the inventors of spell check. ^_^ )



Been a long while, I know.

Even longer since I’ve actually played Wizard and enjoyed it. Yes, I still love the game, but I’m kind of burned out. So, in the mean while, been playing other games such as the Sims, and or random facebook games here and there. Basically anything to occupy my time. Don’t really have much to comment on. Last time Z and I played wizard, we got the dream team about 1/3 the way through Mooshu. Maybe today I can convince Z to play for a couple hours.

It really depends on whether or not our computers can handle it. Being that it is summer, there is a large amount of wizards on the game at once. Causing those of us with basic dsl hookups to be left in the dust. Even in the wee hours of the night, we barely can find a time where it takes a minimum of 15 minutes running from point A to point B, when normally it would take 2-3 minutes, easily.

Hence, our newfound boredom with the game. It’s not the .games. fault, but the fact that KI still hasn’t added in subscriber only realms, or even added more realms. So, the sub that we just bought for two of our accts, two weeks ago, was a waste. Since we’ve only played a few hours since then.

Have no idea what is going on with the rest of the twizard bunch, as I can’t load my twitter page. And I used to use tweetdeck, but even that freezes me up. Haven’t checked many blogs lately. It’s kind of upsetting reading/seeing all this stuff others are posting, when I’m not able to join in the fun. So.. just thought I would post saying Hi to all our readers. We are still here, and alive.

Just not in game much.

Hope all of you are having fun, and continue to do so.


How rare is your rare?

I know that its been a while since X, Grace or myself have posted but I personally have been feeling like I've nothing to really post about. However, I'll try and update everyone what X and myself have been up to. With Wintertusk having came out, we rushed Tristan and Kieran there to work on it as much as we possibly could, but it took us a lot longer than most people due to our internet connection and the fact that my laptop isn't all that great and the crowdedness makes my computer struggle playing the game properly. But, we made it through to the last area of Wintertusk without doing it, and haven't looked back since. We haven't even thought about heading to Crab Alley since everyone states the Waterworks is very hard and we are but two people that travel around the spiral together. So we gained our new level 58 pets and worked hard to getting to where we are.


Wintertusk, Crab Alley, Krokosphinx and more

Lately, Z and I have been running around the spiral on two accounts each. Trying to level up my theurgist (first ever) and his diviner, (first ever) on our side accounts, whilst still questing on our main accounts. Now that we've caught Valdus and Karic up with Alura and Fallon, we are running the four of them, lovingly nicknamed by us "The Dream Team" together. Makes questing go so  much faster, and smoother. It also helps that we have two healers at all times making sure everyone stays alive. Currently they are in GH and KT.


100th post.

I don’t really have anything special for our 100th blog post. I only have random screenies of random battles on random characters. That, and a few screenies of Calamity, my ice alt, making master artisan and getting up to level 48 and getting the spell and pet. I won’t bore you all with a lot of chit chat, and will mainly just throw some pictures out there for you all. But, I will give you all a little update about what we have all been doing these past few days.



It had been decided that it was again my turn to post & I for one am so happy about that because it means I don't have to wait to share some news with y'all that happened last night. ^_^

That's right, that screenie isn't lying. Grace finally hit level 60 last night. Now I just need to work on getting her to grandmaster gardner because she is already grandmaster artisan (can't remember if I ever mentioned that) & then work on finishing all the other unfinished badges she has. On top of that I have to continue work on my other chars (which I don't need to list here because I now have my own page with a list of all my chars on it) and leveling my pets up to at least adult level.


Alright, now for the actual post:

First off I want to say that I am sorry for all those that are suffering due to the storms devastation. We were lucky here but only barely, and for this I am very thankful. 

Second I want to say I am thankful for #Twizards out there, because you all rock, and make this community awesome. I am sorry that some of you are being used as a way to make someone elses blog look good. I just hope that they stop, and if they ever copy anything from myself or Z, or even Grace, you can bet I will be pressing that button at the top of their blog that says "report abuse" and follow the prompt all the way to copyright violation. It's pretty sad they are doing this because they are "too lazy" their words, not mine, to post their own work.

Thirdly, I will talk about Wintertusk. Am definitely loving the world, the land and the story line. However, playing on TR only makes me sad, because I have two items on TR that I would love to have in LR but can't afford to have. That is the life amulet, for Kieran, and the lifeforce blade, for Kieran as well. I also bought some mega snacks to see possible talents my Spineyfish will manifest. Oh how I wish! It's going to take me forever to get him to Epic LOL. I probably wont get it done until well after my subscription to Wizard101 has expired, eek. That is for sure. Not to mention, I don't want to get bored of the world before I get to play it on Live.


Short post; Stay safe!

I had planned on making a blog post, all about our adventures, and even misadventures in the test realm thus far, but unfortunately weather has other plans for us. Z and I have been busy preparing for possibly multiple tornadoes in our area. Last we heard we were in direct path for the same storm cell that has produced, already an f5 tornado. The storm cell had not weakened any, and it's expected to be in our area with in some time.

Preparing the animals, preparing food, water, packing up important documents, and possibly even, haven't decided yet, putting our computers away for safe keeping.

We hope everyone, whether you are reading this or not, whether you play wizard101 or not, every life stays safe, during these severe storms. We pray for those affected, and are praying for those who have family, friends, loved ones affected, or those who might be affected. Basically, we are praying.


Troubles with the Test Realm.

It would seem that X and myself have had the most horrible time with the test realm. We had been on and off all day due to storms and no internet access because of that and when we do finally get on which was well after 8pm we find out that the test realm is up and running with the new content of Wintertusk and all the other exciting add ons that i'm sure all you bloggers have already written about.

When we finally got home and could access the internet we started to patch the test realm and it took me forever. Longer than it did for X but thats typical for me. >.< Once in I couldn't move anywhere and neither could he. We had to redownload every thing once again. Not just the new content. So, while trying to do all the downloading, we leveled up a pet with mega snacks and loaded our main houses. Still wasn't done and it really didn't seem like it was ever going to get done since it looked as if it wasn't going anywhere.


Wizard101, Runescape and More

Lots has happened in the Spiral for me, though in reality it just feels as if nothing has happened. Maybe that's because a lot of what I had wanted to achieve hasn't quite come to fruit yet. Mostly, pet leveling. I think I've managed to level up 3 pets from teen to adult, and about 6 pets from baby to teen. I have said this before, and I'm saying it again. I really wish KI would do something about the pet games. 

They are too boring (more so redundant) for the minimal rewards you get from them. I understand that's why they put the mega snacks in, but let's face it, I will never be buying any of them. $5 is just too much to pay for them. And I do have gardens full of supposed plants that drop said snacks. So far out of 50 harvests, I've gotten 3. Yes folks, just three.

Sparky that I finally leveled up to adult. Really enjoy having him along side my diviner.


Wizard vs Real Life

Ok so I'm not able to get in as much wizard101 time as I would like thanks to work, school, & now also my internet connection. My household has been having issues connecting & staying connected to the Internet the last couple of days. My dad says he is gonna give it a couple of weeks (like 1 or 2) before he once again starts calling & complaining because the problem could be somewhere in one of the fire damaged areas in town. Yea we had some fires in my city this past weekend, but no one was actually physically hurt as far as I know. & it looks like my connection is being friendly again so I can post this myself.

Here is what I worked on in wizard: Grace's garden, which contains about 7 pink dandelion & 1 silver trumpet vine. She is currently the only one of my characters that I'm doing a garden for right now because of my limited time online. I also worked on leveling up some of my baby pets because I want them to be adults so that one day I'll be able to add them to the list of pets X & Z have on here that can be hatched with. Right now I have a satyr & a fierce hound as adults & am currently working on my pet rock which is in it's teens right now. When I run out of energy for that then I can usually be found running around on Christina (my ice char) working on her quests, which currently has her in Knights Court (I think that's the name. I know it's knights something) in MB.


Random Screenies of drops by Zaolan.

Not too much to blog about on my behalf minus the issues yesterday but moving on from that specific situation X and myself have been farming a bit and since for whatever reason – my print screen hasn’t been wanting to work for me. I did, however, find four screenies that made it through from a while back in march to recent whether on Tristan or one of my other chars. So, that’s good. Most of the farming has been at the Jade Oni to try and get as many holiday drops as possible, and also the most illusive Jade Oni pet for myself.

I’ll post those here in a second but X and I are hard at work also on trying to spruce this place up, since we’re now paying for our domain. We’ll probably set up a few pages of all the drops we’ve personally made and hopefully get around to updating our pet page as well in case some of you wizards are in need of a specific pet hatch. We also are wanting to add a few other things for this place to make it unique and interesting but that will have to be talked about at a later time since we’re wanting to get it all set up first before really going to say “The new and improved Stormy skies!” Etc.


Who knew..

..that something so rewarding, could turn in to something so ugly. So, today, had a bit of confrontation from someone on twitter, who apparently is offended (at least it would seem that way by how they reacted, and then acted) about the fact that I personally received 2k crowns from KI for completing the survey. I remember perfectly it told me 2k. When my sister first told me about the survey, she told me “hey, they have a survey up to get 2k crowns. Be sure to take it.” 

And today was the day when we were supposed to get our crowns. I am in fact +2k richer. This makes me happy. I was thinking of all the things I could get with this 2k crowns. Now, I want to take it and throw it out the window. But I can’t. Because it’s a game. And I can’t really take what’s in the game and throw it away, now can I? At least not currency. Unless I bought something with it, and then trashed that item. But, what good would that do? 


Wow, blogger, just wow..

So, because this weird thing was showing up in blog rolls rss' for our blog, it was probably deferring a lot of people! I had enabled the blog to be accessable and publishable through windows live writer, and it needed to download the theme of the blog. Well in order to do that, it had to post and then delete post, real quick. And despite the actual post does not exist on our blog, nor through the rss' of feeder programs, it however has shown up on other bloggers blog rolls. Hence this post, to direct you to the actual post of the day.

Oh how I wish, test is now live, and whoa, seriously?

Again, happy wizarding everyone!

Oh how I wish, test is now live, and whoa, seriously?

Well, as you’ve all seen, or heard by now Stormy Skies has it’s own custom domain. Yay. This is the first time I’ve owned a domain that went to nothing but a blog before, so it’s kind of new. Also, the first time I’ve used google as the domains host. So I’ve been trying to learn how things work behind the scenes here. You should all have heard by now that mounts will be free to roam houses in coming updates, like the pets do.

Been doing some things ITS but nothing too big. Mostly farming. Managed to snag a couple Staff of the White Rabbit from the Jade Oni. Going to be doing some more farming today at him, as well as maybe some Nightshade. Since there is now a bunny costume in game. Haha. 


Go us! :p

I would have blogged sooner but we (Xinaed, Grace and myself) were waiting for a few days for one reason and one reason only. If you look up at the address bar what do you see? The URL, correct? Right! We finally got ourselves a custom domain. Woo! We haven't tried getting on KI's blog roll yet but we'll eventually get around to it. We were waiting to blog since the redirect wasn't working so we didn't want people getting lost.

That alone is some big news for us. We'll hopefully be blogging more (ahem. Grace... :p Just teasing ya.) and maybe even playing wizard more. But, speaking of lost... While moving things around, changing our layout somewhat, and everything we lost our blog roll list. So, if any of you all that read our blog and we are on your blog roll list, or would like to add us to yours if we aren't already email us at xyz@ xstormyskiesz .com minus the spaces of course there, and give us the appropriate information and we'll get that all set up again ASAP.

Moving on..


Mount Week and More from Xinaed;

If you haven’t heard by now that it’s mount week ITS then where in the world have you been? Everyone’s talking about it. It’s the buzz about twitter, facebook, wizard101central, DoaW and much much more. Personally, I wouldn’t mind have them all, but, I would really love to have me some swiftshadow wings (been wanting them, and the seraphwings since they first came out!) And it just so happens that HiaG is giving away codes for the wings! I’m trying to do what she has requested, but I’m kind of confused with her rules.

But then again, I confuse easily. Also been keeping track of all the codes that DoaW has been giving out. At least, the ones I’ve seen. It’s hard to do when I can’t have twitter open most of the time. The way our net has been acting lately we can’t keep anything open that is pulling from the internet, if we are trying to play Wizard, or do anything else on line that we might want to do. So it’s been really frustrating. There are other really cool mounts, but like said, I’m not all that in tune with things going on due to net being wonky. I get what I get, and that’s it.

Just in case you haven’t heard, here is the link to Wizard101’s official announcement on said contests. Clicky Clicky. Kind of sad that we weren’t chosen to participate, but we’re thinking we missed the opportunity one of those times we couldn’t have twitter open, or even a browser. Oh well. It would have been fun to finally host a contest, where the prizes are uber, and better yet, sponsored! One thing I will say, is that not having access to twitter and other social networking sites makes one feel so left out of the community.


Long overdue update by Zaolan

I have been putting this blog entry off for as long as it could because for whatever reason - lately, all my screenies that I've been taking of Suri reaching Master Artisan, reaching level 60, getting Efreet, gaining a few dropped items from farming, etc, are.not.taking despite they say they took. I was going to take a video of me using Efreet but then my Xfire wouldn't work for whatever reason either. I do think that my issues are over though. So, here is an update from moi, Zaolan.

-My Wizard101 Updates-

.Suri reached Master Artisan finally.
.Suri reached level 58, and achieved her spell Efreet.
.Reed reached Master Artisan.
.Calamity got her robe that I want for her new look for stitching lvl 60.
.Still farming for Suri's robe for the same thing.
.Finally got a death ninja pig, professor wu, and a green swords display as drops.
.Got st. patricks day wands dropped at Jade Oni.
.Hatched with Grace and got myself a Reaver (Satyr + Hydra)
.Alura made it to the krokosphinx as well as Grizzleheim finally.
.Calamity made it to Dragonspyre.
.Ravenbloods made it to Mooshu - not sure if this was ever talked about.


Wizard101 Farming and Simming on the Side

So, to deal with the grinding of Wizard101 farming, and questing (yes it's all pretty much grinding any more since we've gotten at least one character to Legendary, as well as others pretty high in level) we, Zaolan, Grace and I, have been playing the Sims2 on the side. Or more so, Z and I, playing The Sims Life Stories, and Grace, The Sims Pet Stories. Though, Grace has only been playing hers a few days now. I on the other hand, have been playing the Sims since the very first game ever. And have been a huge fan of them. It is probably my favorite game of all time. As far as non MMORPG games go, Or RPG games to be more precise. I think we can guess what would be my favorite MMORPG. :P

Made Master Artisan finally on Adrian. Woot, go me. Suri snagged the title along side him as you can see. That was Z turning in Suri's quest. Need to finish that quest on Ryan soon, but haven't really felt like reagent hunting. Adrian should have his GM Artisan badge as soon as he has access to the Portico to go pearl hunting. Don't really feel like doing it on Kieran, lol.


I hath achieved eternal greatness;

At least on my main alt, Kieran Storm. Only things I really need to work on for him, are a few badges here and there. Mostly the ones in MB because as much as I love the world, and it may be my favorite, I absolutely hate running around there. I have achieved the title of Grandmaster Gardener. I did this a couple weeks ago, but I've been sick, and busy writing another blog that I was hoping would be finished by now, but its not..due to some confusing stuff (at least in my mind) that I need to sort out with it, before publishing.

Yes, I was using Silver Trumpet Vines, but it just so happens that's all I really was benefiting from harvest wise. In terms of what it gives. I plan on when I have more time and opportunity, making space for lots and lots of plants. But right now I'm also trying to level up some of my pets which means I can't be using my energy on gardening. Maybe when the new update comes out where we gain energy faster, but as of right now. Nope. Currently on Kieran I'm farming the REAL Cuthalla that drops Spiny Fish. No luck yet. So wish me luck please. I really want that pet!


Random screenies

Well, I haven't blogged in a good while and found some screenies that I had taken while X and I were farming, as well as questing with one another and some times with Grace. So, this won't be a huge blog, but a new one from me at least.

Fallon is invisible! No, really.. Grace could see X on her end but apparently for me was in the ceiling. o.O

X isn't the only one with the glitchiness for me though. lol. Grace's hound is in the middle of the battle area while Grace is over next to X.


Suprise Bundle for Me

So as blogged about before, yes my birthday wasn't too long ago, and yes I was content with not being able to get anything this year as a present, since times are tough, but low and behold...a couple days after my birthday I got a message from Nins, aka Grace Dreamhaven, to sign out of my game and back in right away. I was like, um, okay? 

So, I did, but then I had to get back off (didn't even log in to a char) because I needed to go do something real quick for Z on another game. Then, as I was about to log in to wiz, I decided I was too hungry, so I again closed it, and went down stairs to cook food. 

Finally, about 1.5 hours later, I get back in front of the computer, sign in to wizard to find a gift box on the left of my screen! Gasp! Mega gasp when I look to see it's the contents of the EPIC BUNDLE CARD!!!!11!ONE


Alura gets her minion.

X and I have been running around with Grace on my life char (Alura), X's balance char (Fallon) and Grace's storm char (Kristen). We've been doing Krokotopia together and believe me when I say this, its so different running around with such low health compared to running around in higher up worlds on our other chars. We seem to be doing fine though. Fallon is kicking butt. :D X is finally getting a taste of what its like to be Tristan. And, I'm getting a taste of what Grace does. And, she's getting a taste of what X does. :p Seriously now though, we've all finally reached level 18 (or in our case now, 20) and X and I both took screenies of what we're doing for our level 18 quests since we've never done this before. I'm sure he'll be blogging about his 18 quest soon enough. But, here's where Alura first starts.


Siamese Sharks

(Siamese sharks)

If you look to the sharks in the last circle of the battle (right side of pic) you'll see something just a tad bit unusual. That is right folks, your eyes are not deceiving you. There are 2 sharks in that last circle. That second guy was not only standing there like that the entire battle, but he was also standing there after the battle. I tried to get another screenie of him after the battle but before I could I was dragged into another battle. >.< & as I'm really the only major healer of the group, being in the first position of the battle isn't the best place for me. Thankfully Adrian had taunts in his deck & got them to leave me alone so I could concentrate on healing the others.

(Adrian casting taunt)


Short and Sweet

This post is going to be verrry short. Why? Because I spent all my free time playing on wiz, farming, questing, etc etc, and now I am just too tired to actually write out the post that I was going to for today. I had planned on writing a blog post in my baby wizards eyes, Fallon Moon, sorcerer. Since, she leveled up to 18, and received her quest to get her minion. But, I'm too tired, like I said. Getting sick, more so am sick, with a cold, and I'm praying it doesn't turn in to another infection, because I really don't want to go back to the hospital.


Tristan hits the crafting tables.

After a long reagent hunting with X, looking for pearls in CL, Tristan finally made Grandmaster Artisan. It took me a bit longer to actually get all the pearls I needed since X kept getting golden pearls. >.< But, I took some screenies of me making my seal of the seven seas, as well as my tea set for the training point. So, yes, Tristan had finally hit the crafting tables once again. Now that I'm actually Grandmaster in it, I don't know what is next for him, but, I do know there is tons of items that I wanted to craft just for his houses alone. To be honest, I never thought that we would make it this far since the CL GM quest despite it was only one, seemed like such a lot of work to do. Reagent hunt, transmute, hunt, transmute, hunt and transmute. o.O I don't remember having this much trouble even with DS but, I guess thats the point of the crafting system. Making it more difficult. Although, I'm probably the only one that actually enjoys crafting despite the hardness of it.


Grandmaster Artisan at last!

 Never thought I'd make it this far, but alas I have, woot. And so close to GM Gardener too, yay. All on my main alt, of course, Kieran Storm. However, Adrian and Ryan are both closely tied doing the DS crafting quests, and Adrian rank 8 gardener. Ryan is my lowest gardener, rank 2, but that's because I only a couple days ago actually started gardening on her, lol. Took a lot of time reagent hunting to make it this far, and if only Pink Dandelions were out when I needed them! Ha. S'all good though. Oh no, I need to get the recipe for my Legendary stuffs doh, just remembered.


First party for me that didn't crash!

To start off the blog, despite it is the day after - Happy Birthday to Jordan Seadreamer, and I really do hope that you had a wonderful birthday. X and myself would have stayed longer at the party but after almost two hours of being there and the crowds getting larger and larger, we could not see anything, and my poor old laptop could handle no more. I barely made it to jump to my balance house without a major lag. I wonder how far wizard was to crashing like it did that one time? lol. It really was hard for me to move, to see, to do anything, but, I had a fun time. I wanted to battle, but, I probably would have gotten in there eventually, and then, it would have lagged so much for me that I wouldn't have been able to duel anyhow. So, it was probably a very good thing that I didn't get pulled in.

So, here is a picture of when I first arrived from porting to Jordan. I ran across the draw bridge first, before I took a screenie. People were already battling in the circle, but, we were probably within the first ten people there.


Happy Birthday Jordan!

 So, today Z and I actually made it to a party celebrating Jordan Seadreamer's birthday, and were able to stay with out the game crashing on us! Yay, lol. First time though we were actually on seperate computers. Though, for Z, he was having some hard times when the crowds grew, and didn't seem to stop. It was even worse when Friendly arrived, with people screaming frantically his name (though not literally in game, since we don't have voice chat, however I'm betting some people literally screamed his name at home in their chair when they saw him arrive, lol) when he appeared. Little did I know, he was closer to me than I realized.


Legend twins meet Malistaire

It's taken me a while to getting around to making this blog post, but here it is none the less, whether it'll be long or not.

The Legend Twins finally made it through to Malistaire and kicked butt - well, sort of. I personally thought that they would do a lot better than they did, but, a lot of things have changed for the Mali run anyhow. And, it really irritated me about the Orthrus spell, being one moment it hit hard, the next moment it wouldn't. I don't know if it was just a spazz moment or what.
We zoomed through the easy mobs after flying over the great volcano, and up to the elevator. Reed, of course, had to stop and take a quick glance around and also show off a little standing at the very edge before the elevator trip up to the gurtoks. Oddly enough we didn't have that many issues with tower shields, thankfully.


Orthrus Galore

So, as mentioned briefly in Z's last post, we did indeed finally take the Legend Twins, Ryan and Reed on the last quest before reaching Celestia. (Excluding the optionals of course, Briskbreeze and the Warehouse) Here are some of my favorite shots of Ryan using Orthrus.(More on the Mali run in a later post by Z.)

Uh oh, he hath woken..
I must say that playing myth, isn't all that easy. It's not hard, necessarily, don't get me wrong, but it has proven at times to be even more challenging than using storm. But I can't help but always have fun when playing on Ryan, I've definitely grown a liking to her. 


DDO Vs. Wizard101

Here's Aevhree Ocean and Aesleng Jade, our main characters on DDO.

Lately X and I have been roaming the realm of DDO or Dungeons and Dragons Online, as well as Atlantica Online, and only getting on Wizard to do our gardens, and Malistaire on the Legend twins. So, I’m dedicating an actual entry toward the other games. 


The Final Countdown

So, while Z and I were waiting for Grace to be able to play again in CL, we finally took the leap and jumped on our myth team to do the last quests we had in Dragonspyre. It is official, we have the quest now to enter the last dungeon before heading off to Celestia. We had a lot of fun playing them, but as usual, being out of senses so to speak, having not played myth in a couple months, it took some time getting back in to the swing of things. But pretty soon we were kicking DS butt, and hatching our drake.


You Go Girl!

So, while playing with Grace I actually managed to get some snap shots of Grace using Rebirth! Boy let me tell you, she really comes in handy in CL. Man, even with 3500 health, Adrian has come very close to dying. To the point where I'm on the edge of my seat wondering if I'm going to even make it through the next round! Lol. But, thankfully, Nina, or in game, Grace is there to save the day. Even though sometimes it has cost her her own life! Eek. Can't wait to play some more in CL with you Grace! Looking forward to it.

Here are the awesome pics of the awesome spell for theurgists, Rebirth!


Grace here

Hey I'm Grace Dreamhaven actually my name, for all intents and purposes here, is Nina, Grace Dreamhaven is just one of my characters on a lil game called Wizard101 & yes I believe she is my favorite char that I have, partly because she is my first character that I made there. Grace is level 51 & her main school is Life, but she also knows death spells, a few myth spells, & 1 balance spell (the reshuffle one). I used to run around on her with Kieran & Tristan, but since I had computer problems for a while & couldn't access the game they kept those chars going, but were nice enough to get 2 other chars ready for when I could get back on so that I can run with them. They are Adrian & Suri & they are extremely helpful in CL right now, to the point where I literally pack my deck with healing spells, some shields, & some healing boosting spells so that I can keep us alive when we have to battle or one gets pulled in. On the rare occasions when I'm able to get on but they aren't I run around trying to do the crafting quests cause I let myself get WAY behind on them. I'm finally working on part 3 of the DS crafting quest & I have to admit I am completely sick & tired of having to hunt for black lotus. Speaking of which I am going to go do that now & after I get all of those so I can have all the black pearls I need I get to work on getting bloodmoss or red mandrake (or even tons of deep mushroom & mist wood) so that I can eventually move on to the next crafting quest, whatever it may be.



Spiral Wonders

This isn't going to be a very long blog post. It's actually going to mostly be pictures, however, it's fun and interesting (IMHO) anyway. One of my most favorite things in the game, would have to be the design of the actual Spiral of which us wizards, and other beings through out, live in. And I love to just stare at the moving replica(s) and try and see if I can find each of the known worlds, and even see if I can see worlds to come. 

Zaolan and I, the other day were visiting the one in Celestia, that is pretty much the exact same as the one found in Gamma's room, in Wizard City, and I decided to take a few snap shots. See how many of the worlds you can pin point. Enjoy!

Happy Wizarding!

P.S. Happy 1.1.11 *CoughNotePostDate/TimeCoughCoughSneeze*


Grace hath landed;

Or rather, she has swam her way through parts of Celestia! Z's and my's very bestest friend who has been MIA ITS lately due to computer issues, has finally made it back to the spiral. Now, because of scheduling with work, and other things, play time isn't like it was with Kieran and Tristan while running through Celestia for us. Also, our team has dramatically changed! It had always been Kieran, Tristan and Grace running through the spiral together, but since her absence, Storm and Sky were forced to become a duet, rather the trio they were used to.

Because of such, Zaolan and I purposely leveled my Ice, and his Fire to be paired with Grace upon her return. Last week, we had our first run with the newly formed trio, and it was quite an adventure I must say. Very different to be playing in Celestia as the tank, rather the guns I was used to, from my Diviner. It was also a welcoming feeling to know that there was Grace, to heal myself, or even Suri when/if we needed and we were unable to do so ourselves at that moment. 

Very different, since with Kieran and Tristan, we were dying left and right, unable to heal when needed, and hit at the same time. Now, Grace has posting privelages on this here blog, and maybe some day she'll make an appearance. It really depends on her schedule, lol. Here are some screenies from our battles the other day. Enjoy!

Suri using Meteor Strike under water, looks pretty neat.
Adrian using Colossus.

I had tried to take a picture of Grace using Rebirth, but it screened it late, and there for the pic didn't turn out. Maybe next time. 

And until next time, happy wizarding everyone!


Been a while, I know.

I can’t help but feel sorry, but things outside of Wizard have been going on, and it makes times difficult, as well as mind sets, to play, let alone blog about Wizard. It doesn’t help that Z and I are both feeling some what bored with Wizard.. and instead of countless hours on Wizard, we’ve been venturing back in to the world of Social Networking Games. No, not Farmville, but close.

Wanted to post a new years post, but just couldn’t bring myself to. No, not because I don’t hope all our readers, fellow bloggers, and fellow wizards have happy new years. Instead, because I just didn’t feel like sitting down and posting on a blog that’s solely dedicated to Wizard101, when I haven’t really played it minus maybe 30-60 minutes a day lately. And that’s mostly just to work on gardening.

Which in itself, is pretty awesome. Yes, it does give something new to the game. Which, is always good. But it still doesn’t take away the feeling of “deja-vu” any time we get on to play. Since, we have so many characters that are highish levels, and even one set of characters that we have literally raised up to a couple quests to DS, and then deleted, and restarted..things get a bit repetitive. I don’t know how you guys do it with your multiple accounts all holding multi grands. Kudo’s to you.

I just don’t think I could do that, lol. So, what with things getting to be boring, and yet not at the same time, we’ve been spending a lot of our time on the frontier (*coughfronteirvillecoughcough*) or something of the like. I have a lot of pictures to upload, and blog about, including some more on New Gobblerton (still love that quest line KI!).

Also some random pictures from in and around Celestia, as well as some gardening pics. But at the moment, I’m using a new program that came with our new computer to blog, and I’m really now sure how this works, and to be safe, I’m going to just wait and do a few test runs on our test blog when it comes to picture uploading.

Until next time friends, have a good day, have a good night, and have a good time.

-Khai aka Xinaed aka Kieran Storm; Legendary Diviner

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