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My thoughts on the change of Wild Bolt on Test

Personally, I think it should have been left alone. I agree, bolt was a problem in PVP, not denying that. However, I've been very strong minded when it comes to the point of, PVP and PVE should be separated. I don't PVP, nor would I ever want to. Especially not on my storm wizard. I've read enough of the crap that people say about Storm Wizards, and I'd rather just stay away.

I never used bolt, actually thought it was stupid. UNTIL, I reached some bosses in the latter part of DS/GH that I was forced to solo against, and I thought, hm, lets throw in a couple of these, just in case I need them.

Boy did they come in handy. They saved my life many times.

They've even saved my wizards life, as well as others when we were struggling to stay afloat. Yes, maybe we could have died, and then tried again, and kept tweaking our strategy to get it right.

HOWEVER, that wouldn't have been so possible for me. And it's not possible for a lot of people. Not every one has all day, every day, to be on practicing strategy. Not saying you do, not even saying every one does. Just saying, I don't have that time.

I have a total of two in game friends. That's it. Why? Well, because I have yet to find anyone willing to actually stray from their in game clique, to give someone outside a chance.

Unfortunate, but true. Why? No clue. Myself, as well as Kash have gone out of our ways to try and meet people, only to be ignored. So, we just ignore people back.

And no, this is still on topic. Because it's usually just my wizard, and Kash's wizard (if we're lucky, my sisters GM Theurgist when she has time to get online and play Wiz). As such, we don't always have easy battles against mobs and bosses.

Especially in Celestia. Countless times we have died, over and over. And many times we would have died had I not used a bolt, k/o'ing the remaining mob/boss before we had enough pips to heal with, as well as attack at the same time. 2 pips for 1000 damage, at 10% accuracy +15% from Grand Gear is worth the risk of losing pips (usually one power pip, rarely use it when it is two white pips, would rather heal if I could) as long as it will significantly do damage to the boss/mob before it does damage to us (myself more in particular).

I rarely use WB initially in the battle, only as a last resort, when it becomes obvious that it's do or die. Now, with the changes, it's not even worth it. I'd rather just die. And more than likely, I will be dying a lot more now. What good is hitting 1, 10, or even 100 when the boss/mob that is killing me, has 150+ health and one more hit from them on their next turn, even a hit that comes from a 3 pip spell could kill me?

At least with the former version of WB, if all I had was a powerpip, with wildbolt in my deck, I could use the WB, in hopes it hit. If it didn't hit, big deal, I can heal the next turn, as long as I survived whatever attack they threw my way. Now, with 85% chance of success, but 75% chance of it hitting 100 or below, what good is it to me when I am dying the next hit? Zero. None.

I really don't know what KI was thinking, but I'm really starting to get upset with all this PVP bickering. I agreed with the stun shields put up. I agreed with WB being unable to treasured. I feel/felt bad for those being made victim to immature bolters that had nothing better to throw than bolt first round. And every round after that. But, I personally think this is wrong. And I am going to stick to this opinion. It is, after all, mine.

I am staying off the boards with my opinion, because it really doesn't matter. I've seen people making the same points I've made in this here blog, only to be attacked by others who disagree. I am not asking for a debate. Nor will I participate in one. There are more things in life worth debating than a spell, in a game.

The game will definitely be more challenging, which is what a lot of people wanted. I dare all those people wanting a challenge to make a storm wizard, and try soloing through out the spiral, or just one friend to help, who can't heal minus the basic. Because that's how it's been for myself and Kash for the majority of the time. It took us months to finish Briskbreeze, because we couldn't find anyone willing to run it with us.

That is pretty much how it's going to be with Celestia most likely. But, I look forward to it never the less.

Happy Wizarding.

Addendum: The least they could have done was make the lowest card hit 250, being as our 2 pip spell hits roughly that at it's lowest. If they don't change it, then it's really not fair. Seeing as though Judgment can hit 200 with just two pips, and we're supposed to be the most powerful school hit wise.

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