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Ocean of Jade - Generation One, Chapter Three

After such a hard day of work at the vineyard the day before, I slept like a baby in my bed, which is saying something since the bed isn't exactly all that comfortable. Just before dawn, I turned my computer on, while making a pot of coffee, and decided to continue trying to get a publisher to take me on. I didn't know it at the time, but, my luck was about to change, because in my email inbox waiting for me was a response back from a publisher I had written to with a sample of my writing style. With my fresh, piping hot cup of coffee, sitting at the desk, I started to check my email first and to my dismay, I nearly spilled my coffee all over the computer from the last email I opened up. The publisher from Villa-Rica Publishing which was down town Cala Blanca near the City Hall Building, was wanting to talk to me today at 7am sharp.

7am sharp? Oy! Rushing, I gulped down the rest of my coffee while putting my computer to sleep, and quickly got dressed before dashing off to the building. I barely made it there before 7am, my stomach in knots afraid of what was to come of this meeting. Was this publisher going to tell me that I would never make it as an author? Because I know that I'm a good writer, but a best seller? Waiting for the publisher to call me into her office, which was only a few moments, but felt like forever, was not good on my stomach, especially after my large cup of dark brewed coffee. I seriously felt as if I was going to be sick. At least it was a calming atmosphere though, right? Comfortable chairs, nice wall paper with little daisies on it within a pale yellow background. It was quaint. There was even a small aquarium with a few tropical fish. "Ms. Jade?" A voice  called out from one side of the office, and I looked toward the voice and it was the publisher. "Yes." I gave her a small, yet energetic smile, despite how I was feeling, and moved toward her office.

The publishers office, on a first glance was just as quaint in a way where it almost set your nerves at ease, which was a good thing. Sitting down in a chair across from the woman's desk, I sat my hands down in my lap, and looked toward her way waiting patiently. "Ms. Jade, I'm quite a blunt person, and to the point, so let me just get to it. Upon reading your sample, I'm not sure you would necessarily fit in with what we try to do here." My stomach dropped as I was listening to the woman whom she introduced herself as Mrs. Caraway. I tried, however, to keep my chin up, and knew that becoming an actual published author was going to be hard, and I needed to take everything with a grain of salt, so to speak. Nodding my head, letting the woman know that I was listening, she continued to speak. "Honestly, I think you're better than most of our current writers, and I think you could put us on the map with how intense your style is. So, I would like to sign you, today, for the idea you had sent me, and if all goes well, I can get your series up and going."

I nearly choked on my own spit when Mrs. Caraway finished what she had to say. Seriously? She liked my idea for my story? The publisher went on about payment per section of the story, and royalties once it was finished being written per book, and all I needed to do was sign the piece of paper. This was happening. Crossing my T's and dotting my I's I shook Mrs. Caraway's hand, and thanked her, and she said she would be in touch, and I headed back out of the building. I was feeling ecstatic.

I needed to call my father and let him know. He worked nights though, so deciding to take a leisure day, I walked toward the beach which was near where I was living, waiting for a good time to call my father. People were already setting up their shops near the shore, one in particular caught my eye, a man renting fishing poles, and I smiled to myself, fresh fish for dinner sounded so good. Renting a pole and buying some bait, I walked down away from the main area where the swimmers would be later, and began to fish, thinking about how my life was about to change, already had changed since graduating from high school.

I lost myself in my thoughts while fishing, time flew and it was nearing lunch time before I realized it. Taking my rented pole back where I had gotten it, and my fish, the man offered to clean the fish for me, which I obliged, and headed back home once he had finished. He was a nice man to have done that for me, normally people aren't that nice, but it had made my life easier, since I knew nothing about cleaning fish, but he had probably figured that out without asking me. I had made it to my driveway when my neighbor came walking down the stairs, and boy did he ever catch my eye. Swallowing hard, I gave him a quick glance over, before looking away, heading toward my door. "Hey." He stated toward my way, and I smiled toward him. He was most definitely cute. "I've seen you around. I'm Kenyon." Here I was standing here with a dead fish on a fishing line, and this guy was talking to me. I wasn't exactly use to hot guys talking to me. "Yeah, I'm Aesleng. Nice to meet you." Unlocking my door, I asked if he wanted to come inside for a moment, while I at least put the fish down, and to wash up.

Kenyon followed me inside, and once I was cleaned up and the fish was in the refrigerator, we talked. Who knew a guy like Kenyon and I would have something in common. He was studying to become a fire fighter, and was actually about to head into one of his training sessions so he couldn't stay, but, saw me and had to say hi. He was definitely laying it on thick. Asking me out on a date for tomorrow night, I agreed and he rushed off to work. Today was obviously my lucky day. A job. A date, and fresh fish for dinner, I was feeling lucky, that was for certain. Seeing the time, I decided to try calling my dad to talk his ear off.

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Nina said...

That was GREAT & I LOVED the screen shots. I am sooo looking forward to what happens next.

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