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Mount Week and More from Xinaed;

If you haven’t heard by now that it’s mount week ITS then where in the world have you been? Everyone’s talking about it. It’s the buzz about twitter, facebook, wizard101central, DoaW and much much more. Personally, I wouldn’t mind have them all, but, I would really love to have me some swiftshadow wings (been wanting them, and the seraphwings since they first came out!) And it just so happens that HiaG is giving away codes for the wings! I’m trying to do what she has requested, but I’m kind of confused with her rules.

But then again, I confuse easily. Also been keeping track of all the codes that DoaW has been giving out. At least, the ones I’ve seen. It’s hard to do when I can’t have twitter open most of the time. The way our net has been acting lately we can’t keep anything open that is pulling from the internet, if we are trying to play Wizard, or do anything else on line that we might want to do. So it’s been really frustrating. There are other really cool mounts, but like said, I’m not all that in tune with things going on due to net being wonky. I get what I get, and that’s it.

Just in case you haven’t heard, here is the link to Wizard101’s official announcement on said contests. Clicky Clicky. Kind of sad that we weren’t chosen to participate, but we’re thinking we missed the opportunity one of those times we couldn’t have twitter open, or even a browser. Oh well. It would have been fun to finally host a contest, where the prizes are uber, and better yet, sponsored! One thing I will say, is that not having access to twitter and other social networking sites makes one feel so left out of the community.

I feel as if everyone else is growing closer together, and learning all about each other, but I’m still here. Still doing what I’ve always done. Which is run around in game with Zaolan, and or Grace. If more people used Xfire things might be different. Since I am actually able to run that pretty smoothly when I have the game on, or any game for that matter. I don’t know why, but twitter seriously spazzes my internet. Maybe because of all the people tweeting simultaneously.
Anyway, back to the good stuff. Wizard101! Lots has happened, though not as much as could have. Since stated before, the net is wonky, it even cuts in on our playing time now! Sometimes we can’t even run the game at all. It lags so bad we give up in frustration. But when we do get on, we get lots accomplished, thankfully.

First for accomplishments; Drum roll please……………………………………………………………………………………………………………

Dun dun DUNN!

Adrian hit level 60!!1 What does that mean?!?!1

He got Snow Angel! That’s right, as soon as Adri hit 58 I took him on over to his teacher, got the quest to do all I had to do, and I fought that big ol’ mean guy that wasn’t as hard as I psyched myself to think he was! Woot. K/O’d him on the first try. I was so excited! I haven’t yet named my Snow Angel, but I’m sure I will soon. That spell is awesome. Totally love it. It does both of my favorite things in a spell. DoT and AoE! Woot woot!

Another accomplishment on Adrian was that he reached Grandmaster Gardener. Yayah. This was due in part by the fact that I had two Silver Trumpet Vines (not for their xp but drops) two Prickly Bear’s, again for their drops, and four Pink Dandelions. Also, for their drops. Because of the drops from the PD’s I was able to accomplish this:

Yayness! Ryan achieved Master Artisan! She is now level 52, and still in the very beginning of CL. Need to get back on her and quest though soon. Although the drops from Adri’s PD’s helped, the drops from Ryan’s 12 PD’s helped more! Lol. I will have some more exciting news in the near future regarding all the help those PD’s have given me for my other characters, thankfully to KI’s awesome decision of making reagents shareable! Thanks KI!

Just another wand drop snapshot that I forgot to add to the last blog I posted. Nothing special lol. Oh oh, I remember not too long ago people on Twitter were all talking about harvest drops of Black Lotus. Last I heard no one knew if any plants did. Well, I have news for some, maybe all, that:

Burning Snap Dragons give black lotus’ when harvesting! Woot! Maybe that will be news to you, maybe it wont. But it was news to me, and I was excited to see that something actually did give them out. In other news, I had a bit of a brain fart while running Adri around in the science center…

See that chest there? I looked and looked and kept running in all sorts of circles trying to find how to get to it. Then finally, I saw (after Z had already found the way and by then was LHBO) how to get in! I felt so stupid lol. But for whatever reason, I kept getting turned around, instead of going straight and to the left.

Well, that is all folks. I was going to link a video I took of my Sims, but it might be a bit to riskeh for the younger viewers. Since it involves two teen sims having their first kiss. Lol.

Happy Wizarding everyone!


AutumnalDusk said...

Gratz, and know I'm watching, lol. I apologize if the contest is puzzling, but I have every faith you'll figure out easy. Be sure to check 'comments' in the contest posts, a lot of similar questions (hopefully) answered.

Warm regards.

The Master Of Life said...

Nice with all your accomplishments dude! Sry I haven't been on or anything but I'm done with everything now.

Good Luck ITS!

Arlen Dawneyes said...

Contests were given to official fansites, don't worry about the Twitter thing, you didn't miss it on there :). But check the RR Twitter now and then and the Hide-and-seek contest for a new mount tonight!

Xinaed said...

Well then if this is the case, there are apparently more blogs on this said list than I remember seeing before. And that are not .coms which I thought was the main stip that keeps blogs from becoming an official fansite.

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